Stuyvesant Fence Restoration

New York, NY

Stuyvesant Square is a historically significant example of the city square as developed in the first half of the 19th century in Manhattan.  Erected in 1847, a historic cast-iron fence extends around each perimeter of the two-sided park. Restoration efforts in 1982 addressed the reconstruction of the two 1884 fountains, as well as the preservation of the cast-iron fence and restoration of the original bluestone sidewalks along the western half of the park. Due to budgetary limitations, the eastern half of the park was not restored and has since fallen into disrepair. In 2008 Leroy Street Studio and DLANDstudio were awarded a NYCDPR Design Excellence contract to restore the perimeter of the eastern portion of the park.

Together, Leroy Street Studio and DLANDstudio conducted an existing conditions survey of the perimeter of Stuyvesant Square Park East. Based on visual examination as well as investigations executed by historic preservationists and certified arborists, DLANDstudio developed recommendations for repairing the sidewalk and curbs, protecting interior plant beds from erosion, protecting existing trees and addressing tree-fence conflicts.

NYCDPR Design Excellence Program

Project with Leroy Street Studio