Rhinebeck Farm

Rhinebeck, NY

The Weitman Brickner residence is a 40-acre country property in Rhinebeck, New York featuring an existing Greek Revival House overlooking a marsh and wooded hillside. The house had previously undergone multiple additions and renovations, creating harsh transitions between the programmed parts of the property and the rural landscape that surrounded it. The goal of our design was to merge building and landscape together while still providing the client with the recreational and practical amenities they desired.

The Phase I scope, completed in 2008, included the replacement of an extensive black asphalt paved driveway with a smaller gravel entry court, clearing overgrowth away from an old stone barn foundation to create an outdoor pool and terrace area, excavating and carefully grading a low-lying marshy area to create a pond, designing a terraced sitting area adjacent to the house to soften the transition between building and landscape and to create a place to appreciate views out over the pond, and simplifying some prior additions to the house to create a more continuous and subdued facade.

Phase II, planned for 2010 focuses on the relationship of the property to Wurtemburg Road and the noisy State Route 9G beyond. A mixed pallate of salt-tolerant trees were selected to line the road along the same axis as two old maples planted in front of the original house. Additional screening plantings are planned to create strategic “quiet zones” on the property by buffering the sight and noise of traffic from both roadways.