Prospect Cemetery

Queens, NY

Prospect Cemetery in Jamaica, Queens is one of the oldest cemeteries in the country, dating back to 1668. DLANDstudio has been hired to not only restore the cemetery but to rethink what restoration means.

Through the centuries Prospect Cemetery retained an inverse relationship to its surroundings. While the neighborhood went through development, the limit of The grounds allowed for the preservation of a remnant woodland forest as an historical relic. The current condition of the woodland includes invasive plants and an abundance of plant material that obscures gravestones and paths. Our intention is to edit the plant material while still utilizing the woodland edge typology, opening up areas to allow filtered light in. The structure of Prospect Cemetery is a blend of the historic cemetery typologies that span its over 350 years as an active cemetery.  dlandstudio will respect these various typologies while still ensuring that the design is unified and circulation is clear and allows for moments of discovery, mystery, and a true commune with nature and the generations of New Yorkers who went before us.