Morristown Parklet Design Manual and Pilot Project

Morristown, NJ

DLANDstudio, in collaboration with Regional Plan Association, New Jersey Transit and Sustainable Morristown, developed a ‘Together North Jersey’ Local Demonstration Project Parklet Manual and pilot project for downtown Morristown. Found in cities nationwide, parklets are extensions of the sidewalk that co-opt adjacent parking spaces to enliven the streetscape with community amenities such as seating or public art.


The manual offers guidelines for local business owners who would like to sponsor a parklet, including methods for achieving necessary permits and approvals in an effort to streamline the process for both interested businesses and the City of Morristown. Dlandstudio designed a series of recommended parklet typologies, which emphasized pre-fabricated components and deployed a range of options for materiality and program dependent on the needs and budget of the sponsor.