One Police Plaza Security Kiosk

New York, NY

A feature of the One Police Plaza upgrade included redesign of the security kiosk at vehicular access points to the larger precinct. We were given the condition of using a security kiosk developed for another part of the city; a booth that was supposed to become a new City standard. The parallelogram form of the design was inefficient, anti-urban, and expensive and detailing was clunky. Through a complete redesign of the booth we increased its efficiency, refined detailing, made more comfortable interior space, created better exterior flow around the structure and saved the City thousands of dollars per unit. The aim of the interior is to provide an ergonomic interior control station, providing maximum visibility and comfort to the stationed officers by balancing view sheds and locations of interior elements.  The exterior cladding includes layers of glass that create a dynamic pattern that becomes “urban camouflage,” providing another layer of protection to the officers.  The effect of the overlap in pattern provides a dynamic optical illusion as one moves around the kiosk.  The integrated approach to security and streetscape design maximizes the functionality and productivity of the individual elements and the area.