One Police Plaza Masterplan

New York, NY

DLANDstudio's approach to security upgrades surrounding the Police Headquarters site in downtown Manhattan sought to integrate necessary security features with strategies for improving the existing urban landscape, and reducing city infrastructure impacts. This included consideration of a unified urban language of security elements as well as basic streetscape features of curb, sidewalk, pavement, and bollards.

The intention was to integrate elements of both security and streetscape to create a more productive street edge, which not only protects the police campus from security threats, but also collects, retains, and filters the existing street run-off from vehicular and pedestrian hardscapes. The designs of bollard foundations, curbs, paving, and sidewalk swales were fully integrated with each other in an attempt to create new prototypes for security that could provide the additional benefit of reducing storm water impacts on the city’s combined sewer system.