McDonald Playground

Staten Island, NY

In 2014, DLANDstudio was selected to design the reconstruction of McDonald Playground in Staten Island, NY. The mid-block project qualified for funding under the Mayor’s new Community Parks Initiative; a program which seeks to upgrade playgrounds that have received less than $250,000 in capital investments over the last 20 years. Despite being in a general state of disrepair, McDonald Playground is heavily used by individuals of all ages from the local communities.

Generated from a public scoping process, DLANDstudio has developed a design that creates a park to serve the diverse needs of its constituents. Including bringing the playground up to meet ADA standards and providing new maintenance entrances that did not exist before, the design creates more usable basketball courts, upgrades play equipment and provides a new spray shower. Additionally, the reconstructed playground will include new spaces for adult fitness activities and passive seating areas.

Additional project funding is provided by NYCDEP for the redesigned playground to manage the stormwater runoff on site through various green infrastructure practices.

NYCDPR Design Excellence Program