Long Island Sound HOLD System Study

Long Island Sound, NY, CT

DLANDstudio has developed four prototypical Highway Outfall Landscape Detention Systems (HOLDS) to collect and filter storm water from elevated highways. There are over 7200 miles of elevated highways that traverse cities across the country. HOLDS are planted, modular green infrastructure units that absorb and filter pollutants like oil, heavy metals and grease from contaminated outfalls, rendering runoff much clean¬er as it is released into storm-drains, combined sewers and waterways. DLANDstudio and the Regional Plan Association received a grant to study the potential locations of additional sites for HOLD Systems within the Long Island Sound watershed.


The study began by studying the overlap of park space, elevated highways and bridges, priority ecological areas, priority water quality areas, and cso sewersheds. Once candidate sites were established the team examined the sites in more detail. Eventually three areas were determined to best meet the criteria for additional pilot projects. needed for the system and the team met with local government officials on site. The team conducted in depth site visits and met with local officials to discuss further funding and partnership opportunities for HOLD Systems.


Project in collaboration with the Regional Plan Assocaiation