Institute of Contemporary Art

Philadelphia, PA

The team, lead by Joel Sanders Architect, is currently conducting a feasibility study for the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia (ICA). The current building houses wonderful gallery spaces that transform with the exhibitions. Unfortunately, the buildings street presence does not facilitate exchange with visitors. Additionally, the ICA is in need of event spaces for lectures, classes, meetings, and workshops. The new design will reconfigure the location of the back of house operations, including a wood shop. The current wood shop is sandwiched between gallery spaces on the second floor. Moving the wood shop to the first floor of the museum will provide new gallery space and create a more fluid back of house area including storage and loading dock. A new event space will provide an anchor on the west side of the existing elevated terrace. The event space will activate the corner at Sansom and Steve Murray Way and provide a new access point to the terrace. The terrace will include new features such as a shade structures, lighting, and planting. In addition roof space on the existing building will be retrofitted to include green roofs and solar power. The new streetscape will incorporate stormwater management techniques, new planted facade, and hardscape elements that act as a welcome mat for the building. The primary entrance will also be relocated from its current location behind the trolley station. The feasibility study will conclude in May 2015.

Project designed in collaboration with Joel Sanders Architect




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