Howland Hook Port

Staten Island, NY

DLANDstudio is developing alternative design solutions to create an economically and ecologically productive waterfront port in Staten Island’s Howland Hook.  Although Howland Hook has been the site of heavy industry both in its past and present, a lull in maritime industries in the mid-20th century allowed wetland grasses, shellfish and birds to reclaim an area of marshland.  It now provides shelter for juvenile fish and nutritious seed for birds. Currently 70 acres of the Arlington Marsh are protected, but the expansion of industrial adjacencies continues threaten the marsh. The delicate balance and long-term health of this marshland demands a more sensitive port development strategy.

Our approach seeks to integrate the infrastructural, economic, and ecologic needs of the site by providing a balanced landscape that allows for a productive port facility and marshland ecologies. By orienting the proposed piers perpendicular to the waterfront and double-loading them, similar to historic precedents, the waterfront edge is maximized but scaled for the operational needs of large-scale port infrastructure. The extension of existing peninsulas and constructed piers will protect marshes against wakes from ship traffic in the channel.  An extension of Mariner’s Marsh as open space adjacent to existing residential neighborhoods will also allow people to enjoy wetlands, shoreline, and harbor views via boardwalk trails.