Glimpses 2040: Hybrid Urban Base

Queens, NY

DLANDstudio’s Hybrid Urban Base (HUB) for the exhibition “Glimpses of New York and Amsterdam in 2040” specifically addresses the way in which people are ‘moving’ through the city. A confluence of transportation infrastructure exists in Long Island City, but it is not fluidly connected. Four subway lines, the Long Island Railroad, fifteen bus routes, bikeways, water taxis, the Long Island Expressway, the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, the Pulaski and Queensboro Bridges, and Queens-Midtown Tunnel can all be found within a mile of each other. The diverse threads of this transportation however do not encourage effective interchange.

Condensing the distance for exchange provides opportunities for more rapid transit as well as resiliency to high water. Our proposal reflects current and future realities. With projected climate change, many areas of New York City are susceptible to the impacts of major storm events occurring with greater frequency. The City is growing and these changes in climate and related sea level rise create a unique opportunity to consider how water transport might help to optimize walking distance, mechanized access, and intermodal transitions to facilitate greater public and environmental health. Economic competitiveness relies on both short-term? efficiency but also long term growth. A proposed new canal leading to the HUB responds to future sea level projections with an opportunity to reconnect multiple mass-transit corridors into a center of ecological and intermodal exchange.