The Campus Landscapes of Beatrix Farrand

Princeton, New Jersey; New Haven, CT; Chicago, IL.

The Beatrix Farrand research project was conceived with desire to understand holistic landscape architecture practices in historical and contemporary campus design.  As an evolving element in a static structure of a campus, the landscape is an integral component to creating a cohesive campus. The research initiated with site visits to the three campuses, meetings with campus planners and preservation departments to review historical documents and to document preserved landscapes by Beatrix Farrand. The analysis included both ephemeral and permanent aspects of the campuses to investigate the multi-scale strategies envisioned and implemented by Farrand.  Farrand’s campus designs composed of spatial strategies to enhance the personal experience in intimate spaces as well as in larger public spaces. Visual analysis included seasonal changes of planting color and its relationship to the academic calendar. The historical analysis examined the confluence of landscape and architectural design in strategic campus expansions focusing on campus expansions since the installation of Farrand’s landscape designs.

Three Universities, Princeton, Yale and the University of Chicago, display her iconographic work to accentuate the interplay between architecture and landscape. Research involved meetings on campus at the three Universities, with horticultural and facilities maintenance staff, administrators and campus planners.

Graham Foundation for the Advanced Studies in the Arts Individual Grant “Campus landscapes of Beatrix Farrand”, 2007


James Marston Fitch Fellowship, Individual Grant, “Study of campus landscapes of Beatrix Farrand at Princeton, Yale, and The University of Chicago”, 2005