Emerson Place Residences

Brooklyn, NY

Emerson Place incorporates water management strategies into the landscape of a private residential development as a component of LEED Certification. The design utilizes green roof systems, infiltration trenches, cisterns and wetland plantings to increase the permeability of the site and to remediate stormwater runoff from the on-site parking lot. Stormwater from the building is collected and recycled for on-site irrigation to divert runoff from entering the city’s combined storm and sanitary sewer system.


DLANDstudio’s goal is to thread passive water remediation landscape strategies into the sustainable urban lifestyle in a manner that equally values formal and programmatic priorities. Common areas are designed to embrace the landscape, function as social gathering spaces, and frame views.. The design simulates natural processes of water drainage, while also providing sensory relief from the visual harshness and environmental noise of the urban elements that surround the site.