Edgar Plaza

New York, NY

Edgar Plaza will become a compelling open space in the Greenwich South neighborhood of Lower Manhattan. DLANDstudio’s innovative re-design for Edgar Plaza activates the formerly nondescript park by creating using flexible cultural programs, stormwater management, and solar power generation. 

Within Edgar Plaza we created a subtle platform that both marks the 1625 waterline and directs storm water to planting beds that will treat and retain the water.  Concurrently, the natural elements create a cool microclimate, provide shade, and promote sustainability. Edgar Plaza’s unique canopy structure is multifunctional; it outfits the plaza with shaded seating, supports climbing vegetation, and generates solar energy.  The electricity produced on site will power lighting and charging stations for personal electronics and will facilitate programming such as musical events.  Tourists making the walk from the World Trade Center memorial site to Battery Park can charge their smartphones, office workers can bring their laptops outside, and vendors can power their carts - all with free solar energy.