Dartmouth College, Arts Expansion Masterplan

Hanover, NH

Over the past forty years, Arts programs at Dartmouth have formed a vital academic, social and cultural connection between the College and Upper Connecticut River Valley Regional Community. This expanded audience combined with the demographics of a larger and more diverse student body created increased demand for fine arts courses and necessitated expanded facilities to fulfill the Colleges vision for the next half century. Wallace K Harrison’s Hopkins Center for the Visual & Performing Arts and Charles Moore’s Hood Museum in their current configurations could no longer meet the demands placed on the facilities.

The Dartmouth College Arts Center Master Plan examined the expansion of the Hopkins Center, the Hood Museum, and the infrastructure and utilities associated with the adjacent main campus power plant.  All three studies combined to make a final proposal that assessed the needs of five different academic departments, an art museum, and the utility systems of the campus on a new academic center. The proposed expanded arts precinct will create a new face for the College along a major retail axis for the Town of Hanover and become a new gateway to the campus.

Project planned and designed while at Rogers Marvel Architects.