Cody Parks and Pathways Masterplan

Cody, WY

The Cody Pathways project involved the assessment of parks, playgrounds, pathways and open spaces across this city of 10,000 residents in North Western Wyoming. The goal of the project was to determine where additional open space was needed, how resources should be allocated to existing public parks, and how a system of pathways could connect schools, parks, neighborhoods, and civic amenities.

The pedestrian-friendly historic center of Cody, WY is designed with sidewalks, street trees and wide streets generous enough to accommodate bike lanes. Newer developments, unfortunately, did not include any sidewalks, and therefore most people Today drive. Utilizing national (NRPA) standards combined with revisions to local zoning & development regulations, the project proposed a phased implementation strategy that prioritized pathway development to service the main user group- children and young adolescents. The new system proposed central pathways, divided into short urban links from schools to parks and cultural amenities that can be expanded upon with intermediate and peripheral rural paths. The new pathway system will expand as the city grows and additional parks are developed. 

Project designed and completed while at Rogers Marvel Architects.