Sheldon Art Walk

St. Louis, MO

Sheldon Art Walk converts a 35-foot-wide strip of the adjacent parking lot into a new connective corridor along The Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis. The walkway will include improved and new signage for the programs at the Sheldon and wayfinding within the Grand Center District.


One of the primary features of the space is a green facade designed in collaboration with the Missouri Botanical Garden. Plant species will grow over a stainless steel cable network that floats above and LED light display. In the winter, reduced leaf cover will reveal the intricacy of the cable network and the sculptural qualities of the vines, and showcase the LED display. Stormwater runoff from the walkway will be directed into bioswales which buffer the area between the parking lot and the walkway.


Project in collaboration with Powers Bowersox Associates and Benjamin Gilmartin, Architect.