Abuja Central Park

Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, is the symbol of national unity for the country. As such, it is symbolically important for its Central Park to represent the tremendous environmental resources of the country. The proposed project seeks to build upon the prominence of ecologically based planning initiatives of the 1976 City Master Plan through preservation of minimally developed lands along the base of Aso Rock. Abuja’s Central Park can be considered as three distinct management zones; the resort landscape, the large nature preserve with trails, and the smaller, more intensely programmed areas. The programmed areas include a National Arboretum, Botanic Garden, National Zoo, planetarium and aquarium. The elements are united through ecoregions that highlight and display plants and animals found in these distinct zones. Sight lines between the institutions are further blurred through the use of dynamic topography to contain animals and provide visitors with views into the rest of the park. DLANDstudio is design architect for the resort architecture and all landscape elements.